Dalmatian dog gave birth to 16 pups and the vet said that there won’t be anymore but they kept coming

Dalmatians are one of the most wonderful dog breeds.

This story is about a dog who gave birth to children and his story became famous all over the world.

Brittni Turner is a vet who helped Luna, the dog to give birth to 5 children.

You know that for a dog giving birth to babies is a very natural and easy process.

The doctor called the owner and asked to come and take the animal home.

Larger dogs don’t usually have problems that’s why they decided to bring her home.

Shortly after Luna wasn’t feeling good, so they brought her back to the doctor. He gave birth to her sixth child!

After the inspection they found out that she still would have lots of puppies.

The children were so much that the staff lost their count!

The clinic even asked other doctors to help them in the delivery process.

Finally, the dog gave birth to 16 pups. Can you imagine a dog giving birth to so many dogs?!

The clinic said that the dog and the pups are feeling great now.

It’s just going to be difficult for the mom to keep all these 16 pups! This was really an unusual and interesting case!

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